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Winter - Collection - Hiver

Michelle Maynard

Inquiring minds want to know - when is the next collection coming out?!  I'm so excited to share some of the new designs I've been working on but here's the thing -  being a slow fashion label & an independent designer, its not always easy or economically viable to follow the traditional fashion schedule.   Nor is it necessarily something I want to do.   There are many, many brands releasing their fall and winter collections months in advance - in the middle of summer even!  That makes absolutely no sense to me as a consumer & a lover of fashion.  Let me be the one who can make you something fabulous when you actually need it.   So - coming very soon... I'll be releasing a capsule collection I'm calling Winter - Hiver.  Classic styles you can wear in cooler temperatures, layer them up & get cozy.  And hey - they'll last you right into early spring and beyond, beyond, beyond because they are ethically made with love, using high quality fabrics and sewing methods right here in our Canadian design studio.    Stay tuned! Launch date >>> early October.


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Etsy - Made In Canada 2016

Studio NewsMichelle Maynard

Have you heard?!  Etsy Made In Canada is back for another exciting event!  

On September 24, 2016 - Etsy sellers across Canada will take part in country wide pop-up events.  If you've had a chance to check out an Etsy MIC event you'll know that its pretty awesome.  Check out the event website to find an Etsy pop up in your area!

Simone's Rose is really excited to take part in Toronto's huge show at the MaRS centre in downtown Toronto.  Many vendors apply for the opportunity to show at this event and only the cream of the crop are selected.  You know what that means?  130 stellar vendors with awesome, handmade goods abound!  We hope you'll be able to make it out to this one if you're in the Toronto area on 9.24.16.  Support your local artisans & share / check out the Facebook page event here.

You know what else?  Be one of the first 100 attendees at the show and get a fab swag bag!  We had some fun putting our swag together... yum, yum - Organic candy pops & a sweet discount code to match.

Sweet Swag!  Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our prep for the show & maybe, just maybe we might have some extra swag for our awesome online customers.  ;)  

Sweet Swag!  Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our prep for the show & maybe, just maybe we might have some extra swag for our awesome online customers.  ;)  

Looking forward to seeing ya there & not to worry - if you can't make it, we'll be updating our website and online store soon too!

Thanks lovelies!  XOXO

Spring POP UP with Freedom

Studio NewsMichelle Maynard

We'll be popping up at Freedom Clothing Collective in Toronto, ON this weekend!  Come by and say hello - check out the new collection and dress yourself in some pretty things!  Freedom carries over 80 Canadian artisan and designer labels.  So much handmade goodness - its definitely worth checking out.

Click through the image to visit our event page & get all the details!

I'll be meeting and greeting y'all April 15-17 - Fri 5-7:30 / Sat 2-5 / Sun 2-5 

See ya soon! X Michelle 

Spring Break Breather

Studio NewsMichelle Maynard

Happy Spring!  Ooopsies - Looks like I've fallen behind on my blog posts lately but that's kind of good news because it means I've been busy with lots of spring orders!  It's time to take a little break to spend time with family though so the Simone's Rose online shop will be closed until April 11th for a short break.  

I hope you're all having a great start to spring and am looking forward to getting back to the studio to make y'all some beauties from our new collection.  

XX Michelle 

Coming soon . SS'16 collection . 03/01/16

Studio NewsMichelle Maynard

After months of research, fabric sourcing, weeks of pattern making and sewing and several days of photography and editing, our SS'16 collection is just about ready to launch!  We'll be releasing our collection 03/01/16 and can't wait to share the fruits of our labour.  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, check out a sneak peek below or follow us on Instagram!

ChiChi Blouse & Scallop skirt - SS'16 collection / Simone's Rose

Were also excited to introduce you to our model Elena who was such a pleasure to meet and work with.  Elena is an ethical blogger over at THE CURIOUS BUTTON.  Her blog features great advice on shopping ethically & what you can do to be a conscious consumer.  What's not to love!

Oversized organic cotton V neck tee & Heartland eco denim skirt - Simone's Rose SS'16 collection.  Shop our Heartland skirt here.

Rula tencel skirt & Bamboo Scoop tee - Simone's Rose / SS'16 collection 

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That's so 2015

Studio NewsMichelle Maynard

Hey hey y'all!  Well, new year - new blog!  Are you in!?  I hope you'll join me in this new journey - I'm looking forward to sharing some studio news, style, DIY, sewing, eco and small business tips and much, much more!   Please let me know if you're hankering for any specific content and I'll do my best to work it in.  

Studio news....

Right now its all about catching up on business things like inventory, accounting & planning ahead but don't worry - there's still time for the best part of my job which mostly involves designing, picking out fabrics and researching new ideas!   Here's a sneak peek at my (always evolving) inspiration board for SS16....


I've also got fall/winter 16 in the works, setting up an online shop right here on our website and getting your orders out so suffice it to say its a busy time in the studio BUT I've been wanting to get this blog started for a while now so I'm just going to make myself an extra cup of coffee and go for it! 

Cafe noisette from my inspirational trip to Paris this past fall.  L'amour!  Click it to check out & follow me on Instagram

Cafe noisette from my inspirational trip to Paris this past fall.  L'amour!  Click it to check out & follow me on Instagram

What are your big plans for 2016?!  What are you going to push yourself to accomplish? Do you have any motivational tips?  Thanks for checking out my first quickie post and I'd love to know what big ideas you've got going on!  Post your replies in the comments - lets get this party started!

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xx Michelle