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Winter - Collection - Hiver

Michelle Maynard

Inquiring minds want to know - when is the next collection coming out?!  I'm so excited to share some of the new designs I've been working on but here's the thing -  being a slow fashion label & an independent designer, its not always easy or economically viable to follow the traditional fashion schedule.   Nor is it necessarily something I want to do.   There are many, many brands releasing their fall and winter collections months in advance - in the middle of summer even!  That makes absolutely no sense to me as a consumer & a lover of fashion.  Let me be the one who can make you something fabulous when you actually need it.   So - coming very soon... I'll be releasing a capsule collection I'm calling Winter - Hiver.  Classic styles you can wear in cooler temperatures, layer them up & get cozy.  And hey - they'll last you right into early spring and beyond, beyond, beyond because they are ethically made with love, using high quality fabrics and sewing methods right here in our Canadian design studio.    Stay tuned! Launch date >>> early October.


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